New payment options coming soon

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We are in the process of adding new payment options such as electronic check processing (e-checks). Unfortunately, credit card companies do not allow the sale of kratom, so kratom merchants are forced to accept alternative means of payment.

Please check back soon for more payment methods to become available.

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  1. lynnandbrent
    | Reply

    Are we able to use credit card payments?

    • Herbal Realm
      | Reply

      Due to the current situation with credit card processing in the US when it comes to “High Risk” products such as Kratom, we will be unable to offer credit card processing for the foreseeable future. Mastercard, Visa and all other major credit card companies have labelled it a prohibited item. This is an issue affecting all companies that sell Kratom now.

      Instead, we are now offering our E-Check payment option, with the ability to pay securely using your checking account number and routing number.

      We apologize for the inconvenience.

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